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Dwight is an attorney licensed to practice law in California and New Mexico and is a College Professor in the College of Business, Department of Finance at New Mexico State University where he teaches classes in Business Law.  Dwight was born and grew up mostly in Southern California before moving with his parents and graduating from high school in Quito, Ecuador. Dwight earned his BA from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA (cum laude) before doing graduate work in archaeology in Israel with Harvard University, earning his Master’s Degree from Yale University, and then enlisting in the United States Marine Corps. In the USMC Dwight served as an Arabic Linguist, Platoon Commander, and the Intelligence Analysis Officer for the 1st Marine Corps Division.

After the USMC, Dwight spent more than a decade in the commercial insurance industry where he was Chief Operating Officer/Vice President for one of California’s largest insurance agency for contractor’s liability insurance. During this time Dwight attended law school and became a Certified Insurance Counselor and faculty member with the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. Dwight graduated from Concord Law School (with honors) and passed the bar exam in 2012. Dwight spent over a year as an attorney working in law and insurance before resigning his position at the insurance agency so that he could focus full-time on the practice of law and insurance expert witness work.

In 2019 Dwight was honored to accept the position of Professor of Law in the College of Business at New Mexico State University.

In March 2020, Dwight took and passed the New Mexico State Bar exam and is now licensed to practice law in California and New Mexico.

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