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2020 Election Map

The red, white, and blue is actually fairly purple. For

example, in the 2020 election Texas voted 52% Trump, and 46% Biden. If something is 52% red and 46% blue, it’s

pretty purple.  

On election night, polls close, results are announced, and then the various news channels often paint a particular state red or blue to indicate whether the state voted for the Republican or Democratic candidate with Red for the Republican Party, and Blue for the Democratic Party. However, if we really look at the votes, we find that our map is more purple than we see on T.V.

Here's a link to an interview I did about the purple election map with my local NPR station:

Paintings of the 2020 Election

2020 Election.  Acrylic on Canvas 36x24

2020 Popular Vote Map. Acrylic on Wood Panel 40x60

NM 2020 Popular Vote. Acrylic on Canvas 10x8

CA 2020 Popular Vote. Acrylic on Canvas 10x8

For the 2016 Map, I made all “other” party votes green. Green didn’t make much of a difference except in Utah where “others” received 26% of the vote. For 2020, I used only red and blue. The border color is the color of the total national popular vote.  

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