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The Adventures of Copyright Infringement Man

A Superhero’s Quest to Break into Marvel Headquarters to Regain his Intellectual Property Rights

A Draw Your Own Picture Adventure


In the Planet Money Podcast entitled "We Buy a Superhero: Origins," the hosts try to get Marvel to sell them the rights to an obscure superhero named "Doorman." In response, I thought, "Hey, I am an attorney who teaches business law classes, couldn't I figure out how to get the intellectual property rights to a superhero?" With this thought, Copyright Infringement Man was born.

This book may be more enjoyable if you first listen to the Planet Money podcast, "We Buy a Superhero: Origins" at

At least a glance at the Wikipedia entry for Doorman may also be helpful.

The story talks about intellectual property rights and finding your own superpower. If you're feeling generous, I mention Riverside High School of Milwaukee, and I think it would be fun for them to receive copies to use in their classroom. Maybe your classrooms would enjoy it too.

Attention: Creative Teachers

Riverside High School

1615 E Locust St

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Click HERE to purchase.

Please contact me if you know of a middle school or high school classroom that would be interested because I'd love to have it used in a classroom, and the bulk printing prices are really low.

The "§" on Copyright Infringement Man's chest may remind you of a letter on another superhero's chest, but "§" is the symbol for "section" and refers to Section 107 of the Copyright code.

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