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Click the image to watch the free webinar I did for the Securities and Insurance Licensing Association entitled: Defamation! Libel! Slander! Is there insurance coverage for that?

In addition to providing live and webinar insurance continuing education classes, I created a series of insurance training videos and posted them on The site is a resource for people who want to be able to communicate about insurance and business concepts in Spanish, but the videos are also helpful for people only interested in insurance in English. I had worked with a number of Spanish speaking insurance professionals, and although I thought I knew Spanish fairly well, I realized that I didn’t always know the best way to say certain insurance phrases in Spanish. Many Spanish speaking insurance professionals admitted that they didn’t always know the correct Spanish for insurance terms either. So, with the goal of adding practical and entertaining content into the Youtube universe, highlighting some of my Spanish speaking insurance colleagues, having fun making some Youtube videos with my dad, and selfishly making sure that I understood insurance terms in Spanish, was born.

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